www.myallstateflood.com is a secure online platform that allows Allstate flood insurance policyholders to access their policy information and as well makes Allstate Flood Insurance online payments. Through the Allstate Flood Insurance Login online platform, a policyholder can manage their account by logging in to their account on the ‘Flood Self Service’ website www.myallstateflood.com.

Follow the outlined step guide instruction in this article to see how to access your ‘MyAllstateFlood’ account, register a new policy/create a new account, how to sign in, and as well as to initiate claims.

How To Register a New Allstate Flood Insurance Policy

  • Go to the Allstate Flood Insurance homepage at www.myallstateflood.com
  • Once the homepage open, click the ‘Validate your security key’ link under the ‘First Time Here?’ section.
  • On the next page, type in your policy number and security key into the input fields
  • After that, then click the ‘Validate’ button.

Note: Your security key was sent to you through standard mail. If you do not know your policy number, look on billing documentation or contact your local agent.

Allstate Flood Insurance Login @ www.myallstateflood.com

  • Visit www.myallstateflood.com
  • On the homepage, you will see the login form at the top left side of the page where you will enter your login details.
  • Next, input your email address and password into the outlined login fields.
  • Once done, click the ‘Sign In’ button.
  • Forgot Password: If you don’t remember your password, press the ‘Reset your password’ link. To be transferred to the password reset form. Then provide your email address, and then answer your account security questions to have a password reset link emailed to you.

Note: Ensure you do not enter your password more than three times into the login form. As this will cause your account to be locked, and you will be forced to reset your password.

How To File Allstate Flood Insurance Claim

To make a claim, kindly report your flood claim with your local agent, for more personalized service. Also, you can as well call the Allstate’s flood claim telephone line at 1-800-547-8676 to report your claim. Ensure to provide your policy/personal information, and detailed information regarding the incident (the type of flood, level of damage, specific damages, etc.).

Finally, Allstate Flood Insurance payment can be made online by simply logging into your online account. Also, a policyholder can pay the bill over the phone by calling on (800)-255-7828.

If you have any further question or assistance in regards to accessing the Allstate Flood Insurance Login website www.myallstateflood.com. Kindly drop it in the comment section below.