April 24, 2024

How To Make PayPal Credit Card Payment Online

If you are looking for how to pay your PayPal credit card balance, then you in the right place, as this article is all about PayPal Credit Card Payment options. You can pay your bill using either your PayPal balance or your bank account in many ways. PayPal offers two types of credit cards that you can use to pay for your purchases anywhere that Mastercard is accepted.

The PayPal Cash Back Mastercard offers 2 percent cash back on all purchases, while the PayPal Extras Mastercard offers three points on gas and restaurant purchases, two points on PayPal and eBay purchases and one point on other transactions. PayPal offers its cardholders with various PayPal credit card bill payment options, and there are no fees for any of these options.

PayPal Credit Card Payment

In order to pay your PayPal credit card, use any of the payment options outlined below.

Steps To Make PayPal Credit Card Payment Online

Paying your bill online is the quickest and easiest option, provided you have synced your credit card to your PayPal account. Follow the steps below to make your payment online.

  • First, log into your PayPal.com account.
  • Move over to the left side of the page under “PayPal Credit,” and click “Make a Payment.”
  • Now choose the amount, method and date of your payment. In this section, you can choose whether you want to use your PayPal balance or your bank account to pay.
  • Then press “Continue.”
  • Kindly review your payment details.
  • Finally, click “Pay.”

Also, under the “Make a Payment” section, you as well set up PayPal automatic payments if you want. This will automatically pay either the minimum amount due every month or your full statement balance. Payments will come out of the confirmed bank account in your PayPal wallet.

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How To Make PayPal Credit Card Payment With PayPal App

In order to pay your bill using your PayPal mobile app, follow the steps below.

  • Open your PayPal mobile app and tap “Manage PayPal Credit” in the PayPal app.
  • Tap “Make a Payment.”
  • Choose the amount of your payment.
  • Select a funding source for your payment.
  • Choose your payment date.
  • Tap “Pay.”

PayPal Credit Card Payment by Mail

PayPal cardholder can also pay their bill by mail. TO do so, mail a check or money order to the following address:

PayPal Credit
P.O. Box 71202
Charlotte, NC 28272-1202

Also, PayPal payment can be made over the phone at any point in time by calling the toll-free number on the back of your card. Just ensure to have your PayPal credit card number handy, along with your bank account information. You’ll be directed to an automated system to pay your bill.

Paying your PayPal credit card bill on time is very important. You have to pay at least the minimum by the payment due date, in order not to incur a $27 late fee. For any question in regards to any of the PayPal credit card payment options, kindly use the comment section below to reach us.