April 24, 2024

How to Create a Facebook Dating profile – Dating in Facebook for Free In 2022

Still struggling on how to create a Facebook Dating profile? Worry no more as this article will show you How To Access New Dating in Facebook for Free. Just keep on reading to discover how to access Facebook Dating platform, and also remember to share it with your friends and loved ones.

Trust me that the process involved in creating a Facebook Dating profile is very simple and straightforward. But before you proceed, it’s required that you create a Facebook account first if you are yet to register a new Facebook account.

Create a Facebook Dating profile

So, therefore, you need to be a Facebook user in order for you to have access to Facebook dating. Now, let’s walk you through if you are yet to create Facebook account.

Step Guide on How To Create Facebook Account Free

Follow the below instructions to successfully sign up for a Facebook account within a few minutes.

  • Open your PC browser and go to www.facebook.com
  • Once the Facebook homepage opens, enter your name, email or cell phone number, password, date of birth, and gender.
  • If the system indicates that your password is not secure enough, try adding more characters or combining upper and lower case letters.
  • Once done, click the Create an account button (remember you must be at least 14 years old before you will be able to sign up).
  • Then finally, you will be required to confirm the email address or cell phone number you provided earlier. So, for oyu to confirm the email, click or tap on the link in the confirmation email you receive.
  • To confirm the cell phone number, you must enter the code you received by SMS in the Confirm box, which will appear when you log in.

How To Create Facebook Account On Smartphone

To create FB account on mobile, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • In order to create a Facebook account on your phone, you need to first install the Facebook application on your phone.
  • Kindly go to your device app store (App Store for iPhones and Google Play for Android phones), find the Facebook application, and download it.
  • Also, you can download Facebook Lite, which is a reduced version of the Facebook application. It takes much less time to install but retains the same basic functions as the normal application.
  • Once downloaded and installed the application, launch it and click Create Facebook Account button on the home screen.
  • Now proceed and fill in your details as required.
  • Enter your first and last name.
  • Type in your date of birth.
  • Enter your gender.
  • Input your mobile number for verification.
  • Choose a password.
  • Finally, click on Register. If there is a problem with your password, the system will ask you to go back and change it.

Once successful, the FB application will automatically log in. You can tell it to remember your password so that you can log in by touching the application, without having to write down your details each time.

Facebook Dating – Dating in Facebook

Facebook Dating feature was launched by Facebook social media platform to enable its users to get connected with singles within their neighborhood. With Facebook dating online, you can easily set up a profile within the Facebook social media space and hook up with singles online free of charge at any point in time.

However, this Facebook dating feature is not yet available in all the locations of the world, and people in areas it is not available, can’t access it. While individuals in areas where the feature is available can fully and easily locate and signup for an account.

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Dating in Facebook is free of charge. At no cost of registration, you have full access to all features provided you create a Facebook dating profile. Facebook is the number one social media platform today thanks to all the amazing features that they have. If you have not checked out the dating app before, then you are missing out on Facebook’s latest free Feature.

Facebook Dating App

The Facebook dating app is a match-making platform. It’s best known as it matches people based on their interests and what they have in common for the purpose of hooking up and dating. Over 2 billion matches have been produced by this app, making it one of the best successful online dating app just within the first few years of its launch.

The dating app on Facebook is one of the best dating apps that is trending at the moment. Many reviews have stated that the app is a pretty great plus, Facebook decided to take advantage of the fact that the dating app is on their social media platform, and extended the features.

How to Create a Facebook Dating profile Free

Currently, Facebook dating is not yet available in all countries. And you might not be able to be a part of the dating app. But if you are in a country with Facebook dating, then kindly follow the steps outlined below.

  • Launch your Facebook App on your smartphone and login to your account.
  • Once logged in, navigate to Facebook Menu and click on see more
  • You would find a heart-shaped icon, click it to enter Facebook dating.
  • Once at the app, follow the on-screen directions to set up your dating profile
  • After you have shared your location, select a profile photo, your dating profile would be automatically generated for you based on the information on your Facebook account.
  • You would be given several previews of what the account should look like, for you to make your decision.

Once done, you are now set to enter the dating app and get yourself a match. Feel free to explore the amazing features of Facebook dating.